Museum hours: Tuesday - Saturday: 10am to 4pm | Sunday: 2pm to 5pm | Free admissionContact Info: 400 College Blvd Clute, Texas 77531 |  979-265-7831 |


Museum hours:
Tuesday - Saturday: 10am to 4pm
Sunday: 2pm to 5pm
Free admission

Contact Info:
400 College Blvd Clute, Texas 77531979-265-7831 |


Given the reality that it is not practical to manage the social distancing guidelines as suggested by the Center for Disease Control, especially with the number of children that frequent the museum, we felt it necessary to temporally close.  Since we are housed in The Center for the Arts and Sciences, we have a mutual agreement and are in frequent communication to determine when it will be safe to reopen to the public. Our current target to reopen is June 2nd.
The dinosaurs are missing you and are anxiously awaiting to see you!

We have dinosaurs! Visit with an Allosaurus, a Triceratops, a tiny Bambiraptor and a native Texan Agujaceratops. Beware of the Megalodon and Mosasaur. Found a shell on the beach and want to know what it is? We can help. We have shells from Texas and around the world. Ever wonder what effect light has on rocks? We have an answer in our black light display. Interested in learning about animals which can be found in Texas? Let us show you a black bear, a javelina, shore birds and game birds. How did people live and what objects did they use in their daily lives? We have artifacts which date from before Columbus discovered America.

Come visit today!  The Museum is here for you to explore!

The Brazosport Museum of Natural Science is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.  We are a 100% volunteer organization and rely on community donations.  Your membership and/or donation is tax deductible and can be made in person, by US Mail or via PayPal.  Know that your donation stays in the Museum and is very much appreciated.

For PayPal donations, please send to

By US Mail:  BMNS, 400 College Blvd., Clute, TX  77531