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Museum Hours:
Tuesday - Saturday: 11am to 3pm
Sunday: 2pm to 5pm
Monday: Closed
Free admission

Contact Info:
400 College Blvd Clute, Texas 77531979-265-7831 |

Bryan Cooney Hall of Paleontology

Come see one of the best dinosaur displays Mother Nature has to offer on the Texas Gulf Coast. Our centerpiece of the museum is a large Jurassic age complete Allosaurus. Another big area of interest shows several examples of locally found Ice Age giants like the Columbian Mammoth, Mastodon, and Saber Tooth Cat. We have a very nice example of a 23 foot Mosasaur when TX was mostly under water, and you cannot forget our giant Megalodon shark jaws that are 6 feet wide and have over 200 teeth that also roamed the oceans long before the human race came along.

Brian Miles, Curator of Paleontology

The Guy and Rita Odom Collection

The Guy and Rita Odom Dinosaur Collection has impacted the Brazosport Museum of Natural Science in a very positive way.

In 2003, Guy and Rita visited the museum as they had a strong interest in science, and what we had on display. Guy Odom brought with him a Dinosaur Egg that he had acquired and he wanted our scientific opinion.

Guy and Rita were both very interested in Paleontology and began to collect museum quality specimens as a hobby. Guy would show them to friends and business associates when they came to visit his 500 acre ranch in East TX.

You see, Guy Odom came from very humble beginnings, but he had also achieved entrepreneurial success to become CEO of a large US public company. Both Guy and Rita were looking for the right museum to house their large collection of dinosaur fossils both large and small. They wanted a museum with good exposure for all people to see.

They liked the fact that BMNS was an all-volunteer museum, and felt that their collection could greatly enhance our existing Paleontology collection already on display. And they also realized as volunteers, we would devote our time and efforts to take great care of such a large and valuable collection for many generations to come.

Thanks to Guy and Rita Odom, BMNS now houses one of the finest collections of dinosaur fossils amassed in a single museum, and is free to the public and available for all to see.

Thank You Guy and Rita Odom!